Petr S. Chubik

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Petr S. Chubik

Petr S. Chubik (DOB 07.07.1954, Krasnoyarsk Region) – Rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University, Vice-president of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia, Vice-President of the Association of Technical Universities, Chairman of the Association "Tomsk consortium of scientific, educational and research institutions", member of the International Higher Education Academy of Science and the Russian Academy of Engineering. Co-Chair of the Board of the Consortium of Rosatom Supporting Universities, a member of the Board of ​the Association of Leading Universities of Russia, member of the advisory council to the Deputy Governor of Tomsk Region on scientific, educational complex and innovation policy. Member of "United Russia" political party.


Petr Chubik was born July 7, 1954 in the village of Nikolsk, Taseevskiy District of Krasnoyarsk Region. He spent school years in Osinniki, Kemerovo Region. In 1971 P.S. Chubik entered the Department of Geology of Tomsk Polytechnic Institute, now TPU. In 1976 he received a degree in mining engineering, "Technology and equipment for mineral exploration". He has been working at TPU since his graduation in 1976 as a research engineer, a professor assistant, a senior teacher and an associate professor of the Department of Technology and Engineering Methods of Mineral Deposit Exploration.

1995 - 1999 - Head of the Department of Oil and Gas Drilling.

1999 - 2001 - Dean of the Department of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production.

2001 - 2005 - Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and a Director of Oil and Gas Institute (April 16, 2003 - June 30, 2004) combining his job with research and teaching activity as a professor of the Department of Oil and Gas Drilling (from 2001 to present time).

April 2005 - September 2008 - Deputy Governor of Tomsk Region for Personnel Policy.

From September, 12 2008 to December 29, 2008, Petr S. Chubik was an acting TPU Rector, and on December 30, 2008, he was appointed the Rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University.

February 2, 2012 - "United Russia" political party offered Petr Chubik as a candidate to the position of the Governor of Tomsk Region to Dmitry Medvedev, the President of the Russian Federation.

2015 - Honored Professor of Karaganda State University.

Research Activity

1987 - postgraduate thesis at Leningrad Institute of Mining Engineering.

1992 - the title of Associate Professor.

2000 - doctorate thesis at Tomsk Polytechnic University.

2001 - the title of Professor.

Petr S. Chubik is one of Russia’s leading experts in the field of drilling mud technologies. He is the author of over 170 research papers, including 7 monographs, 6 teaching manuals, and 10 inventions. Professor Chubik has been a research supervisor to two authors of approved postgraduate theses.

2003 - Petr S. Chubik was recognised as International Engineering Educator by International Organisation of Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP).

2004 - the title of visiting professor of the Institute of Engineering Construction at Jilin University (China, Changchun).

Public Activity

Petr S. Chubik was elected a full member of the International Academy of Sciences of the Higher School and the RF Academy of Natural Sciences, a Corresponding Member of the RF Academy of Natural Sciences. A member of TPU Academic Council, Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Industries, a member of doctoral dissertation council, member of Rector’s Council of Tomsk Region, Chairman of Oil and Gas Department of Tomsk Research Centre of the RF Academy of Natural Sciences (West Siberian Branch).

On December 16, 2001, Petr S. Chubik was elected a Deputy of the Labour and Social Policy Committee of Tomsk Region State Duma and from December 26, 2002 to April 20, 2005 worked as its Chairman on a voluntary basis.



2009 - Order of Merit;

2011 - Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of education;

2014 - Recognition Letter of the Government of the Russian Federation.


1996 - "Excellent geological survey";

2001 - "Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation";

2012- "Honorary geological survey ";

2014 - Badge"for special merits in the development of mineral resources of the Tomsk region".


2008 - Diploma of Tomsk Region;

2011 - Order "For merits for the Tomsk Region";

2012 - Order "For merits for Kuzbass";

2014 - Medal "For Achievements";

2014 - Medal "For personal contribution to the implementation of national projects in Kuzbass".


2009 - Medal of the Russian Space Federation named after Yu.Gagarin;

2011 - Honorary silver award "Public Recognition";

2012 - Winner of the All-Russian competition "Engineer of the Decade";

2013, 2014 - Medal of the Russian Space Federation named after Tsiolkovsky;

2014 - Medal of Peter I «For the development of engineering and education".


2009 - Medal "50 Years of the Russia-Vietnam Friendship Society".