Olga A. Mazurina

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Olga A. Mazurina

Olga A. Mazurina - Head of the Division of International Academic Affairs of Tomsk Polytechnic University.


Olga A. Mazurina graduated from Tomsk Polytechnic Institute with a degree in “Electrical Insulation and Cable Techniques”; PhD in Social Philosophy.

Has 20-year experience in international соoperation and international programs.

Cо-executor of the following international Projects and Grants:

  • USIA Grant № IA-PYJL-G5190278 "Freedom Support Act";
  • USIA Grant № IA-PYPS-G6190261 "Secondary School Initiative for School Linkages";
  • USIA Grant № IA-PSCS-G3190384 "Training Program with the Newly Independent States";
  • USIA Academic Exchange Grant;
  • USIA Grant on Business and Banking;
  • ENRIN "A Proposal to ENhance Cooperation of European and Russian Industry by Regional Information Nodes for IT-RTD in Russia" (FP4-Esprit Project No. 29591);
  • “Europractice” Member Number A47590 - «Europractice» IST-FP5;
  • FP6-IST TRISTAN-EAST “Training of IST multipliers and Awareness Nurturing in the 3rd countries of EAST and South East Europe (NIS)";
  • Coordinator of RUSERA “Supporting the Russian participation in EU-RTD Programmes” (FP6-INCO-CT-2004-502262);
  • Coordinator of RUSERA-EXE “Expanding ERA over Russia” (FP6-INCO-043701);
  • Project Manager of SITE "Siberia, IT and Europe" (IST-FP6-004123);
  • ACCESSRU “Strengthening EU-Russian Sciences and Technology cooperation and EU access to Russian National Funding Programmes” (FP7-INCO-244493);
  • BILAT-RUS-Advanced “Advancement of the bilateral Partnership in scientific Research and Innovation with the Russian Federation” (FP7-INCO-311836)

and others.

Professional training and working experience in EU countries (UK, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, France and others.)