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1.Biggest sea: Coral sea (greater than 4,790,000 square kilometers). Next Arabian Sea and South China Sea

2.smallest sea: Mar Mala sea, next Asian fast sea and Bohai Sea

3.salinity highest sea: Red Sea, also is the youngest sea

4.salinity lowest sea: Baltic Sea

5.will not only have the coastline sea: Horse's tail sargasso sea

6.Islands most seas: Aegean Sea

7.Most popular tide surge: Qiantang River tide

8.Biggest ocean: Pacific Ocean, is also deepest, watertemperature highest, manganese nodule most

9.Smallest ocean: Arctic Ocean marine transportation busiestocean: Atlantic

10.Biggest ocean current: Westerly wind drift, is also the greatest coldcurrent

11. Biggest warm current: Mexican warm current

12.Area biggest archipelago: Malay Archipelago

13. High islands: New guinea island, also is the belonging both countries biggest islands

14.Only belongs three countries' islands: Kalimantan island

15.Longest channel: Mozambique channel

16.Deepest channel: Drake channel, also is the widest channel

17.Most winding channel: Magellan channel

18.The ships pass most channels: English Channel

19.Petroleum transport busiest channel: Hormuz channel

20. Biggest bay: Bay of Bengal, Gulf of Mexico, Guinean bay next

21.Deepest oceanic trench: Mali Asia natrium oceanic trench11,034

22.Biggest coral reef: Big barrier reef

23.Longest mountain system: Branch Diller pulls the mountain system

24.Highest mountain peak: Mount Everes

25.Eruption number of times most volcanos: Egyptian Turnervolcano

26.Outline most complete volcano: Horse glory volcano, next MountFuji

27.Biggest plateau: Brazilian plateau (a lot more than 500 ten thousand squarekilometers). ª¥

28.Highest plateau: Qinghai-Tibet Plain (above 4,000 meters).

29.Biggest plain: Amazon plain (560 ten thousand squarekilometers) Next Eastern European plain, the cubic centimeter unclebenefits the Asian plain

30.Biggest basin: Congo basin, next greatly artesian basin(biggest artesian basin), Tarim basin (biggest inland basin)

31.Biggest delta: Ganges river - shovels the Mapp Tela river delta, next Yangtze River delta, Mekong River delta

32.Lowest marsh land: Dead sea, Turfan basin 4,th dead valley 7th

33.Biggest desert: Sahara Desert, next Victoria desert, Arabic desert

34.Biggest mobile desert: The tower carat does the desert

35.Biggest loess landform area: Loess plateau

36. Longest rivers canyon: Yalu Tibet cloth Grand Canyon, nextColorado Grand Canyon

37.Longest rift valley belt: East Africa Great Rift Valley (long6,000 kilometers).

38.Deepest rivers canyon: Yangtze River's tiger jump canyon

39.The karst landform most grows plateau: Karst plateau, nextYunnan-Guizhou Plateau

40.Current capacity biggest rivers: Amazon River, also is thedrainage area broadest rivers, inside the drainage area Congo River,Mississippi next

41.Longest inland river: Volga River, also is the drainage area broadest inland river, inside the length the Theile river, Arab League mho river next

42.Flows (identifies main current) after national most rivers: DanubeRiver (9), next Nile River, Zambezi river, Rhine River, Mekong River(6)

43.Silt content biggest rivers: Yellow River, next ganges river, shovels the Mapp Tela river, Yangtze River

44.Longest canal: Beijing Hangzhou University canal, The SuezCanal 3,th Kiel canal 5,th Panama Canal 6th

45.Deepest lake: Lake Baikal, next Tanganyika lake, the Caspian Sea

46.Biggest freshwater lake: Souby Leir lake

47.Biggest salt water lake: The Caspian Sea

48.Widest waterfall: In African Zambezi river not west Austriachart Nepal Asia waterfall 1,800 meters

49.Highest waterfall: East South America Venezuela on Austria Renobranch river branch Anheer waterfall 980 meters,

50. Highest temperature recording: In the Algeria Sahara Desert,reaches 58 ¡æ

51.Lowest temperature recording: Antarctica East station, -88.3¡æ

52.Wind speed biggest place: South pole giant mouth of any valley area 19meters/seconds

53. Precipitation most places: The Indian northeast begs pulls thefriend uneven,26,461 millimeters

54.Precipitation least places: North Chile's Arab League Taka horse desert, year precipitation .5 millimeter

55.Most typical monsoon area: East Aisa, Southeast Asia and SouthAsia monsoon area

56.Earthquake most frequent country: Japan, equally every single day 4

57.The vitality consumes most countries: US

58.Biggest petroleum accumulation area: The Persian Gulf oil region,Saudi Arabia is world oil reserves most countries

59.Petroleum output most countries: Russia

60.Produces oil most areas: Mideast

70.Coal reserves most countries: Russia

71.Coal output most countries: China

72.Hydro-energy resources richest country: China, next Russia,Brazil

73.Biggest hydroelectric power station: After Brazil and Paraguay gatherthe Iraqi peaceful Pu hydroelectric power station for 1,260kilowatts,2,009 years which constructs, the 3 Gorges become fir

74.The nuclear power generates electricity most countries: US

75.Nuclear electricity proportion biggest country: France

76. Iron ore reserves most countries: Russia, next Brazil, China,Canada,Australia and India, US

77.Alumina reserves most countries: Guinea, next Australia,Brazil, Jamaica

78.Copper mine reserves most countries: Chile, next US, Zambia

79.Tin ore reserves most countries: Indonesia, next ChinaThailand and Malaysia, produces the tin many: Malaysia

80.Gold reserves most countries: South African,1.65 ten thousandtons, next Russia, US, Australia

81.Gold output most countries: South Africa, yearly produces above500 tons, nextRussia and Canada, Brazil

82.Silver reserves most countries: Canadian,5 ten thousand tons,next Russia, Mexico, Australia and US Peru

83.Silver output most countries: Mexico, above year one thousand tons,next Russia, Canada

84.Diamond reserves most countries: Congo (gold), next Botswana, Australia

85.Uranium mine reserves most countries: US, next Australia,South Africa, Canada

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Crop yield:

Paddy rice: Chinese wheat: American corn: American cotton: Chinesesoybean: American banana: America and China

Peanut: Indian sesame seed: Indian rape: Chinese sunflower: Russian tea: Indian silk: China

Tobacco: Chinese jute: Indian beet: Russian coffee: Brazilianapple: Russian bamboo: China

plants and Flowers: Dutch grape: French date: Iraqi long-staple cotton: Egyptian cocoa: Ghana sisal hemp: Tanzanian

olive: Spanish or Italian sugar cane: Indian or hevea rubber: Malaysian oil palm: Malaysia

Hometown of the crops:

Paddy rice: Chinese wheat: Chinese corn: Mexican potato: SouthAmerica

Soybean: Chinese cocoa: South America peanut: South America teatree: Chinese silkworm: Chinese tobacco: Latin America

Jute: Southeast Asia coffee: North Africa rubber: Amazon rivermouth clove: Malay Archipelago citrus fruits: Chinese grape: Mediterranean Sea coast pineapple: Latin America walnut: Iranianchestnut: China

Animalfishery and husbandry, forestry:

Raises the pig: China breeds horses: China raises the cow: India

Enhances the sheep: Australian wool exportation: Australiancamel: Somalia increases the chicken: Chinese honey: Russian fishery: Hokkaido forest resources: Russia tropical rain forest: Brazilianlumber import: J

Industry: iron and Steel: Chinese shipbuilding: Japanese automobile: Japanese cement: Chinese chemical fertilizer: Chinese papermaking: US

Handset: Chinese telephone: Chinese airplane: American computerchip: American color television: Chinese refrigerator: China


Railroad: American road: American highway: American inland riverrange: Russia

Elevation highest: Antarctica elevation lowest: European crosslatitude most: Asia hottest: African sierra most: Asia

Active volcano: Asian peak most: Asian coastline longest: Russian population most countries: China

Population densest: Monaco cross two continents city: IstanbulShui Cheng: Venice Buddhism temple: Thailand

Islam Holy Land: Mecca movie city: L . A . beer city: Munich automobile city: Detroit harbor: Rotterdam

Coldest capital: Reykjavik fog all: Capital London music: The Vienna earth's crust is thinnest: Pacific Ocean oceanic trench

Distributes the broadest marine life: Diatom longest city wall: Great Wall use population most languages: Chinese

Uses the broadest language: English most popular Chinta: BurmeseSwitzerland brilliant Chinta