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uncontested divorce Las Vegas - Valuable Suggestions from a Las Vegas Divorce Attorney

When you have babies, the furthest thing from your mind would be seeing you and your spouse in court battling to have custody of them. There are lots of parents who find themselves in this situation. There are situations where one of the parents exhibits signs of being an unfit parent, but normally it is just two people who don't see eye to eye anymore. The following are some useful tips to remember if you're involved in a child custody case.

It is always a challenge to try to change a custody situation. Courts typically take a long time to change custody, unless a really good case can be made otherwise. Most of the time, stability is what is best for a child so if everything is equal, the court is going to probably want to keep things how they already are. There are exceptions to this. If the child's current home is unstable or the parent is negligent or irresponsible in some way, then a change of custody may be perfectly justified. It will be up to you and your lawyer to demonstrate this, so be prepared for a difficult battle ahead.

When you are going through a child custody battle you need to be alert to every little thing that you do, no matter how small. This includes what you say to the people around you, such as friends, family members or co-workers. Even the smallest slip could be destructive to your case. When you are in the midst of the ordeal, it would be best if you take care when talking to people. Taking into account the various ways people can use what you say to harm you it would behoove you to keep these things to yourself. This is a time when it's best to be cautious and to not say whatever comes into your mind when talking to people.

If you can't afford a lawyer for your child custody case, you still should do everything you can to get good legal advice. No matter where you live, you can find organizations that offer free legal assistance. This is usually available to people who meet certain income requirements, so not everyone is eligible. When you cannot get cost free legal help, you might need to try creative means to finance the hiring of a lawyer. No matter how you make it happen, though, you ought never try to take on a child custody case without qualified legal representation. If you don't have a lawyer you are going to be at a severe legal disadvantage.

joint petition divorce Las Vegas - To sum up, you won't ever have fun in a child custody situation, the most you can do is work hard to prepare yourself. This means that you need to do your research to find out as much as you are able about your local laws. You also need to find good legal help and follow your lawyer's advice. If you want to raise the likelihood of actually winning your child custody case, these tips can really help you out. Like us on Facebook for more Las Vegas Divorce Attorney advice