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Перейти к: навигация, поиск - While ladders are an incredibly easy and practical-to-use piece of equipment, they are not always the best method of working at height. When working with heavy materials, cumbersome tools, or requiring more hands than a single man has, a more semi-permanent option is required.

access equipment - Commonly, scaffolding is useful for these jobs. It is much more practical than an extension ladder when hefty pieces of equipment I needed. Platforms can be accomplished where more than one person could work on and tools and material may be continued.

cradle access services ltd - It is semi-permanent. That is the only downside with scaffolding. If you need it moved, once up, it has to be stripped down and rebuilt. It could also be unsightly, especially in the work takes some time to the complete building ends up encompassed by the steel piping in the scaffold.